Filecards is a program that is supposed to help you with learning things, where Things can be anything, you can put on filecards. On the one side the question, on the other side answer.
For any questions/requests regarding this program, please mail me. If you could put it to some use, please mail me, too! I would like to know, wether it is worth keeping on developing, because my last exam EVER is 25.4.2002, after that date I have no personal interest in a program like this anymore...
Here a little crappy icon I made for this program:

...and here you can download filecards


In your homedir, put a file named ".karteikarten" (without ") in this file there should be 2 lines:

verzeichnis=/your/dir/where/your/filecard-databases/reside fontsize=12

I know, it's not very good, and for I used a "fixed" font in the program, you cant't put much other fontsizes in ther than 12... in the program itself there are some other fonts commented out, to use them, remove the "#" from the beginning, and put a "#" in front of the fonts you don't want to use.

How to create your own filecards

Right now there is only the hard way:
use any editor, to create a file like this:
3. Struktur von Chlorophyll und Zentralatom?
Trimer aus 47kDa Untereinheiten, die jeweils 7 BChl-a-Moleküle enthalten. Die Untereinheiten bestehen je aus 15 beta-Faltblättern, die sich um den Chlorophyllhaltigen Kern wickeln ("Flechtkorb")
The first line is the question, any line after that, up to the next is the answer.
One special thing about the first line: If you want to make a linebreak in the first line, use the tab-key. Any tab-characters in the first line are replaced by a newline.
In the answer, tabs don't matter.